Situated on the ground floor of the main building, there are two classes - Nursery class and Reception/Year 1 class - together with a cloakroom and dining room. The Early Years children have two outdoor areas - one which is of tarmac and the other which is our Early Years garden.

Here the children enjoy planting, gardening and many other outdoor activities.

The school hall is also used by our Early Years children - for ballet, music and movement, PE and for concerts.


All food is cooked on the premises and we encourage children to eat healthily. Each day there are choices and the menu is available in the Nursery so that parents can help their child to choose (or see what he/she has chosen!)

Mid-session, children have a drink and a selection of fruit. Parents are asked to inform us of any special dietary requirements, allergies etc their child may have, and our catering manager will be pleased to provide suitable meals.

Children who attend the sessions until 5.00pm or 5.30pm enjoy a substantial afternoon tea.

"Children have a very good awareness of the importance of keeping fit and healthy" (2012)