School Fees

Fees include text books and exercise books, and are payable by the term in advance or by Banker's order over twelve months.

Nursery / Kindergarten Fees

Nursery Fees are priced per session and are available here.

FEYE (Nursery Education Grant) applies until the beginning of September following a child's fourth birthday. From September 2017 FEYE will increase from 15 hours per week to 30 hours per week for eligible children.

Junior School Fees

From September 2016, Junior School fees are £1750 per term (3 terms per year). A reduction of 5% is made for a second and 10% for a third child in full-time, simultaneous attendance.

Senior School Fees

From September 2016 Grammar school fees are £ 2380 per term (3 terms per year)

Reductions are the same as for the junior school.

Scholarships and Bursaries

The School offers a number of scholarship and bursary awards based on academic performance. The Principal will be pleased to discuss this with any parents who would like their son/daughter to be considered for such an award.