St. Annes College Grammar School


Keeping Students and Staff Safe

Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, our prime concerns have always been for the health and safety of our pupils, their families and our staff.

During the Autumn Term our Senior School students have been able to take full advantage of Microsoft Teams remote learning. This has ensured that all students, whether in school or working from home, have continued their full- time education unabated.

This had two major advantages:

  • The risk of exposure to the Covid-19 virus was drastically reduced for both students and staff when their year groups were working remotely.
  •  Any students who were unwell or having to self-isolate were able to continue their education by signing in to live streamed lessons.

Additionally, Microsoft Teams provides an ideal platform for students work and effort to be monitored and demonstrated, should this become something the school needs to provide for the examination boards.

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