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Student Lockdown Experiences

Hi. To say the least, lockdown has been manic. For some reason, a constant routine formed beneath my eyes that consisted of a Mr Jones’ desire for a proper cup of tea and failing to prevent my mother scream of her return home during my conferences. On the contrary, what’s eased me throughout this period is the similarity to normal school life, having 3 daily class video lessons with each of our teachers (not forgetting the joy of eating stuffed crust pizza during a lesson or two). We’ve also had longer breaks so that’s a bonus!  Although the printer is still broken and our loopy spaniel is in the pond again, this routine has saved our lockdown and very likely our GCSEs. 

During lockdown I was able to spend more time with my family which has really helped me keep calm about this situation. These times have been difficult for all of us; though with the help of my family and school, I’m getting on well. In fact, without the dedication, support and understanding my teachers and family are putting in,I wouldn’t have school lessons every day and my mental health would definitely suffer. So, I would like to thank all my teachers for their dedication and thank all the community for always supporting one another; especially during these hard times.

Life for all of us at the moment may be intense, but I believe as a community we can get through this pandemic and return safely to our everyday lives.

I have found working in lockdown a dreamlike experience. I would have never ever thought about ever having to work in a lockdown. Working at home has been a life changing opportunity which got lonely at sometimes but also very relaxing in others. I think Teams would be a great help for when we go back to school at the beginning.

Lock down has had some gruelling challenges to overcome, such as a drastic change in routine and work. However, Teams has become the St. Peter of remote working. This allows me to have freedom and a tranquil learning over this whole situation. Hopefully this will help when I do University work as much of it is done from home. Some advantages do come with quarantine such as more time for gaming, sleep and eating.

Lockdown has been better than I expected. I miss going places like going out for meals, going to the cinema and so many more, but It has made me appreciate all these places a lot more. I think we don’t realize how much we like these things until they are taken away from us. It has given me the chance to spend more time with my family.
Distance learning has been easier for me because I don’t have all the distractions that would be there if I was at school. I find it easier to concentrate. In the future I think we should use Teams for homework. This way I can’t lose it and my dog can’t eat it!

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