St. Annes College Grammar School

Special Educational Needs & Disability

St Annes College Grammar School is able to offer bespoke support to children who have Special Educational Needs, (SEN), with initial assessment on admission to determine their specific needs and the provision of an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) in the use of appropriate strategies to help them develop and learn. This takes into account the meeting of emotional needs as well as academic progress. We are experienced and successful in the provision of a quiet and small placement and exercise the flexibility to match individual need to learning and progress. This allows every child in our care the best opportunities for development and the achievement of their particular potential.

In our virtual school situation, as SENCO, we are able to act without delay to maintain close liaison with principals, teaching staff and SSAs to offer specialist SEN advice and support with regard to the coping strategies of our children with SEN and in meeting their individual objectives both with regard to learning and emotional health.

We are able to provide direct ongoing contact with SEN students to encourage and praise their efforts and to support any difficulties with regard not only to their learning and progress but also any emotional difficulties they may be experiencing and to help these to be quickly resolved.

We are also in contact with parents in providing positive feedback on their child’s academic progress and in offering advice and support to resolve any difficulties with learning or emotions as they arise and before these become overwhelming.

Liaison between school and Local Authority regarding those with Education and Health Care Plans( EHCPs) is proceeding as under normal circumstances.

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