St. Annes College Grammar School



In specific terms, the aims of the College are to give its pupils the best opportunity of preparing for the GCSE, and in the case of the more able pupils, to provide the opportunity of entry into the universities and other forms of higher education via GCE AS, GCE A level and vocational examinations. The College tries to make the lives of its pupils full and happy, to encourage a sense of service to the community, and, through the prefect system and the house system, to develop leadership and the ability to bear responsibility.

Thus, it is hoped, even those pupils who cannot pass every examination, will take away from the College things which will be of great value to them in the future – a cultural background to their lives, a consciousness of where their particular talents lie, poise and balance, personal dignity and self respect, a standard of values, good manners, and not least, the abilities to think for themselves, to be able to reason and to retain the desire to learn.


The Philosophy of the College is that learning should be first and foremost an enjoyable experience. In order to achieve this, The St. Annes College provides a friendly, welcoming environment as well as a competent and understanding staff.

There is a genuine commitment to the principle of Education for Life and the overall aim of the College is to use the teaching skills of the staff to obtain the highest level of motivation in each of the pupils, in the hope that it will remain with them for the rest of their lives.

“Pupils who have a wide range of abilities and backgrounds flourish”  (Ofsted 2018)

“Pupils are instrumental in ensuring that the school’s ethos is maintained”  (Ofsted 2018)

“They (The Principals) are highly successful in creating a vision of the specific type of school they want St Annes College School to be.  (Ofsted 2018)

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