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"The urge to draw must be quite deep within us, because children love to do it", David Hockney


Art & Design At SACGS


An exploration of creativity, nurturing well-being and development of intellectual thinking.

Art is fundamental to our development.

Children sing before they talk, dance before they walk and draw before they write. Art is ingrained into our very existence.
An integral component of our children’s learning, Art and Design offers the opportunity for students to develop a variety of skills, to explore a wide range of materials and techniques and above all; experience the joy and sense of achievement from making and creating meaningful pieces with their own hands.

What happens at Key Stage 3?

You will focus on ‘themes’, art movements and the basic elements of art as a starting point for your projects, which will be explored each half term. You will look towards, artists, current affairs and the world around us for inspiration and influence and we will work together to investigate hidden meanings and gain a strong understanding of visual language. 

During the first 3 years of Art and Design, you can expect to visit a wide variety of movements and the artists that pioneered them including, Renaissance art, Cubism, Surrealism and Expressionism. You will see how artists use the basic elements of art to perfect their craft e.g. colour, line, shape and many more. You will learn how to apply these techniques to your own work.

You will develop a variety of skills including:

  • Understanding and gathering research
  • Analysing and interpreting the work of other artists
  • Experimentation and creativity
  • Developing and refining your own ideas
  • Self-reflection and evaluation

And at Key Stage 4?

We work towards a GCSE qualification in Art, Craft and Design, with Eduqas. 

This course offers the chance to experiment in a diverse range of disciplines within the Art and Design field and gives the student the opportunity to play to their individual strengths. 

Split in to 2 components, the Eduqas GCSE is studied over 2 years.
Component 1
The first component consists of a portfolio of work in response to internally set themes. We start by commencing a joint project whereby we will explore different methods, tools and mediums in a collective way so that we may understand the necessary qualities of a strong GCSE project and develop a firm foundation on which to build unique and effective presentations. We will then commence a major practical project or theme-based investigation with integrated critical and contextual analysis. 

Component 2
Component 2 consists of a series of assignments based on themes, visual stimuli and written briefs set by Eduqas. You will select one of these to work with and suitably respond, conveying your knowledge and demonstrating the skills that you have developed in KS3 and in Component 1 of your GCSE. You will shape your investigation over a set preparatory period and plan for a personal response, which you will undertake over a 10-hour period of sustained focus study. Whilst not an exam, this is a formal assessment and usually takes place over 2 days, where we will see all your hard work come to fruition.

GCSE Art & Design Specification

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