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Geography At SACGS

An emphasis on enjoyment and fun content!

Teaching is carried out using a variety of lively styles incorporating the use of ICT, books and worksheets alongside classroom discussion, all designed to allow the visual learners and those that need revision to understand about the wonderful world we all live in.

What happens at Key Stage 3?

You will study a different unit every half-term from the Physical and Human aspects of the subject often with environmental themes and the use of Geographical skills, many of which have cross curricular themes. Expect volcanoes and earthquakes, waterfalls and meanders, going on holiday to the issues of a crowded planet all designed to lay the foundations for a global savvy student! As importantly, it prepares students for the vigours of GCSE Geography.

And at Key Stage 4?

The same energetic and interactive lessons continue but with the focus on exam success by developing the depth of knowledge on current themes. Examination papers cover the broad subjects of living in the UK, the world around us and geographical skills and fieldwork. You will be prepared for the OCR GCSE Geographical Themes qualification. 

OCR Geography A (Geographical Themes) Specification

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