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History at SACGS

Here at SACGS we welcome and embrace change…

Changes to the GCSE History curriculum in recent years have influenced the topics taught throughout KS3. Supporting these curriculum changes during KS3 allows for a greater depth of study at KS4 in preparation for the GCSE examination.

Key Stage Three

Throughout KS3 pupils will cover a variety of different history interests. Studying a new topic every half term allows for pupils to enjoy History and remain engaged.

The 2-year scheme of work we follow provides a sound overall depth and breadth of study. Half termly and termly assessments are used to monitor each pupil’s progression.

In Year 7 Students will journey through time exploring key events and developments including: The Norman Conquest, Religion, The Crusades, Medieval Monarchs, the Black Death and Migration.

In Year 8 we move on to The Slave Trade, The Industrial Revolution, Getting the Vote, The First World War, Conflict in the 20th Century and The Holocaust.

Our wide range of resources encompasses: PowerPoint presentations, textbooks, worksheets, The National Archives, British Pathè News, British and American Movietone News and our own collection of primary sources help support every learning style and encourage students to study efficiently and effectively.

Having access to and being able to see, and handle primary resources is beneficial to any student studying history. Student studying WWII and the Homefront are greatly helped by the history department’s collection of WWII primary resources. These really bring history to life, and include: an adult and a child’s gas mask, newspapers, ration books, currency, an ARP helmet, BBC headphones and microphone, allied song books and ARP advice booklets. We even have a ‘Guide to Great Britain,’ for US soldiers too!

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