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Maths at SACGS

Figures and Fun!

At SACGS the emphasis in Maths is on building knowledge, setting targets for all abilities and linking together different areas of learning. A variety of teaching and learning strategies are employed. As well as in-class and at-home practice, designed to help pupils develop and apply skills with the aim of mastering topics, interactive puzzles and pair and team activities also help put a sense of fun into Maths.

What happens at Key Stage 3?

You will study mathematics from the 6 areas of the specification:

Number, Algebra, Ratio, proportion and rates of change
Geometry and Measures, Probability, Statistics

There is much overlap and linking of work between these areas of study and the pupils are encouraged to recall and applying previous learning as well as being challenged with new ideas.

Maths KS3 Curriculum map

And at Key Stage 4?

The same stimulating and interactive lessons continue but with the focus on exam success. You will be prepared for the AQA GCSE Mathematics at either the Higher level (where up to Grade 9 is attainable) or the Foundation level (where up to Grade 5 is attainable). 

Maths KS4 Curriculum map

AQA GCSE Maths specification

Optional Extras

Pupils with a gift for Maths are able to supplement their GCSE by taking the AQA Level 2 Certificate in Further Mathematics, which provides the study of topics that bridge the gap between GCSE and A Level Maths.

From year 9 onwards all pupils are offered the chance to take Levels 1 and 2 in Functional Skills Maths. This helps with “real life” application of Maths and provides vital exam practice in preparation for their GCSEs.

Taking it further….

Both A Level Maths and Further Maths are offered as a further qualification through AQA .

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