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Music at SACGS

Music is about enjoyment and participation!

Music is taught through practical and theoretical topics.

Music at Key Stage 3

During Key Stage 3 students’ study 2 lessons a week of music. We begin with the building blocks of music and learn to read traditional western music notation. We learn to play the keyboard and practise a range of pieces from Beethoven to Bob Marley. Students cover a range of musical styles including African and Indian Music. Remove study an unit of work on the Planets Suite and compose their own piece for the missing planet Pluto! In Lower 4 we create our own set of musical variations taking inspiration from Mozart’s variations of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Music at Key Stage 4

Students follow the EDUQAS syllabus for GCSE music. We cover the 4 areas of study:

  1.  Musical Forms and Devices
  2.  Music for Ensemble
  3.  Film Music
  4.  Popular Music

This consists of three units of work:

  1. Performance (30%) – 1 solo performance (around grade 3 standard) and 1 ensemble performance. (Both to be recorded in Upper 5.)
  2. Composition (30%) – 1 composition to meet a brief set by EDUQAS at the beginning of Upper 5 and 1 free composition (completed in the summer term of Lower 5.)
  3. Listening and appraising examination (40%) – Covering the 4 areas of study including the set works Africa by Toto and Badinerie by JS Bach.

Eduqas GCSE Music Specification

Extra curricular music at SACGS

Student can take peripatetic lessons in piano, flute, recorder and singing and have the opportunity to prepare for graded music examinations, music festivals and concerts.

Students can also attend weekly choir practice to prepare for concerts put on throughout the year.

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